5 Reasons Why You Should Study in Malta

5 Reasons Why You Should Study in Malta

Studying abroad is an exciting and fantastic opportunity. The idea of allowing yourself to be in an unfamiliar place where you can explore and learn about different cultures, experience the diversity of different cuisines, and learn a new language from the natives themselves is just icing on the cake. Although there are many places in the world one can go to when considering international study, from; the United States, to Canada, England, or even France, it's better to consider a more exotic place because more and more countries are opening up to international students.

Consider a place that is exotic, remote, and rich in culture. How about a place like Malta?

Malta is a very peaceful and beautiful island in the Mediterranean. It is a European country that houses the American University of Malta, an American-style institution with European accreditation.

Although Malta is based in the Mediterranean, it has a relatively low cost of living. This makes it the perfect destination for an international student to study and live because you will not be at risk of having financial problems.

In this article, we’ll be discussing five reasons why you should study in Malta.

  1. English is the first language of the entire nation
    The biggest challenge most international students and tourists face when visiting other countries is the language barrier. But rest assured, Malta will not be a problem because English is the national language. Malta has two official languages, Maltese and English. The selection of English as a national language is due to the influence of the British Empire. Malta is one of the most prominent destinations to study English abroad.

  2. High-quality education
    If you study abroad, chances are you are looking for quality education. Malta has a favorable international education system. Malta is also known to have some of the best institutions for higher learning. You have an opportunity to stay and work in Malta after completing your qualification.

    These institutions include: 
    1. University of Malta
    2. American University of Malta
    3. London School of Commerce Malta
    4. The Queen Mary University of London in Malta 
  3. Perfect climate
    What's an island without beautiful sunny skies and sky-blue waters? Malta has gorgeous sunny days for approximately 300 days a year, meaning staying in Malta means enjoying a continual summer. Malta's most exciting months with noteworthy weather are May, June, September, and October. Activities include fishing, horse riding, and diving.

  4. You get to meet students from all over the world
    The most significant advantage of studying abroad is that you are most likely to meet other students who are walking a similar path. The chances of increasing your network and experiencing different cultures are very high due to having classmates from all over the world. Making friends in such a setup will come very quickly, and adjusting to the environment will be easy because you will not be doing it alone.

  5. Holds the title of European Capital of Culture
    In 2018, Malta received the title of the European Capital of Culture. A variety of International Events and activities are due to take place precisely in Valletta. This means you can enjoy and experience artistic performances like contemporary art, music festivals, and film shows.

    Such activities and forms of entertainment are what you can expect to experience as a student in Malta. The country has loads to explore and discover, and the most significant thing offered on your path of discovery is the vibrant culture of this beautiful Island country.

Final thoughts 

Studying abroad can be an exciting venture, so why not go to a place that has the potential to not only introduce you to a new culture but also grant you opportunities even way after you have completed your course?