How to choose the best American University in Europe

How to choose the best American University in Europe

Embarking on the exciting journey of higher learning can be both challenging and tedious when you are in the stages of choosing which institution you want to study in. When it comes to pursuing a good institution things can get overwhelming on a local scale, now imagine what it is like for those of you who want to move abroad. 

The decision to study abroad is one to which many aspiring youths have been drawn. Studying abroad introduces you to diverse cultures and an opportunity to get a higher quality education depending on the university you choose to go to and the country you end up in.

Although initially studying abroad may be an idea that comes to those of us who dream of escaping the similarity of the lives that we live in our home countries. The desire to study abroad has undertones of a fantasy life that entails living out a version of you that you cannot access in your comfort zone. 

Unfortunately, although a commendable dream studying abroad comes with challenges of its own the biggest one being the fact that you have a higher chance of ending up in a country where a foreign language is spoken meaning English is not the first language, and with that comes the reality that the university you end up in may also teaching a completely different curriculum then that you were used to which can make studying and understanding your studies very difficult.

But thankfully there is a saving grace more so; a godmother to your academic Cinderella. And that is American universities abroad, especially in Europe.

In this article, we will be discussing the best American universities in Europe that you can enroll in. We will look at things such as the courses available, accreditations, quality of the teaching staff facilities and locations.

Top 5 American Universities in Europe 

The trick to choosing the best American university is to ensure that the university you pick is accredited. Accreditation counts because going to an accredited American University means that you will be granted access to good graduate schools and employment opportunities.

  1. University of Evansville

    Grantham, England
    Accreditation: Accreditation was reaffirmed from a college to a university by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) in 2005-06.

    The University of Evansville posts a culture of Diversity and knowledge. They provide students with a chance to learn more about British history as they are attending an American university in England which gives students a better idea and understanding of the local area.

    Students are also given the opportunity to travel in England and around the world through faculty grade programs that are available in China Israel Trinidad and more they are also tours around England that are organized by the school which word is the school's mission to ensure that students know more about their surroundings.

    The university offers the following programs:

    - Undergraduate programs
    - Graduate programs
    - Adult programs
    - Honors program
    - Winter sessions
    - Summer Sessions

  2. The American University of Paris

    Paris, France
    Accreditation: "The American University of Paris has been accredited since 1973 by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and also by the Delaware Department of Education from whom it has been awarded full Degree Granting Authority."

    AUP is famous for its focus and dedication to cross-cultural studies. Students get to experience Paris and the world in one place as they get to attend classes with multiple students from different nationalities all around the world.

    The university offers the following programs:

    - Undergraduate programs
    - Graduate Programs
    - Summer Program
    - Study Abroad
    - Cultural Program

  3. The American International University in London

    Richmond Hill & Kensington, England
    Accreditation: The American International University in London is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education,  3624 Philadelphia, PA 19104. (267-284-5000)

    The American International University in London offers students dual degrees that work both in the UK and U.S

    Studying at this university creates more employment opportunities than anywhere else because they also offer internships and study opportunities in different countries around the world. 

    The university offers the following programs: 

    - Undergraduate programs 
    - Postgraduate programs 
    - Short Courses 
    - International Summer School

  4. Franklin University Switzerland

    Lugano, Switzerland 
    Accreditation: Franklin University Switzerland has dual accreditation. It has been accredited in the United States by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The second accreditation is by the Swiss Accreditation Council. 

    The Franklin University Switzerland is the only institution in Switzerland where you can obtain an interdisciplinary Liberal arts degree. The fact that it has a dual accreditation gives students the advantage of being able to look for job prospects in both the U.S. and Switzerland. 

    The university offers the following programs:

    - Undergraduate programs (Majors, Minors, Pre-Health Sciences, and Honors Program) 
    - Graduate and Executive programs 
    - Study abroad 

  5. American University of Malta

    Cospicua, Malta 
    Accreditation: The American University of Malta was accredited by The National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) in 2016. 

    The American University of Malta is a private university that offers American-style education. The university boasts cultural diversity and faculty involvement in the growth and success of students. 

    The programs the university offers include: 

    - English For Academic Purposes (EAP) 
    - Graduate Programs (Cyber Security, Engineering Management, MBA, Computer Science)
    - Undergraduate Programs (Accounting, Business & Finance, Business Administration, and many more)

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of American Universities in Europe you can enroll in. All you have to do is find the one that best suits your academic needs.