How to get a visa if you are studying in Malta

How to get a visa if you are studying in Malta

Enrolling in a higher institution has challenges of its own, from finding a course that you like to, securing housing, and everything in between. Although, the greater challenge is faced by those who want to study abroad.

Studying abroad comes with a lot of hoops one to jump through in order to secure space in their desired institution. Over the years more and more people have taken a liking to enrolling at institutions in different countries due to the advantage of being able to work anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, studying abroad requires you to have the relevant paperwork and go through a multitude of processes and screenings to ensure that your stay in that country for the duration of your studies is legal, safe, and enjoyable.

In this article we will be talking about what it takes to secure a student visa to study in Malta, the requirements, the reason behind needing a student visa, the application process, and what happens after you've entered the island of Malta.

The importance of a Visa to Study in Malta

It's simple: anyone who wants to study in a foreign country needs to have a visa in order to stay there. So if you are not from a European Union country (EU), European Economic Area country (EEA), or Switzerland you need a student visa to study for a full-time degree course. 

Application Process

The application process for a visa can sometimes be tedious but when you have all the correct documentation it makes the process faster and even hassle-free.

You need to text that to your application by contacting the Maltese embassy or visa application office that is in your country.

From there you need to do the following:

  • You need to have an appointment scheduled for the day you submit your visa application.
  • Make sure that you have all the required documents for a Malta student visa. The documents that you need along with your application include:
    - A valid passport
    - Two passport-size photos
    - A letter of acceptance from the  University of applied to
    - Proof of financial requirements (this is to indicate that as an international student in Malta you will have enough income to support yourself every month for the duration of your studies the requirement that has been said is 75% of the minimum wage in Malta)
    - health insurance
    - and a language test to prove that you have passed the Maltese language test.
  • On the Chosen day of your appointment submit your application form, pay the required fee, and also submit the other necessary documentation ensuring that you have filled out the entire form and signed it.

The waiting period for feedback is approximately four weeks and you will receive a text message or an email from the embassy regarding your visa application process.

How long can you stay in Malta with your Student Visa

Your student visa will only allow you a year stay in Malta but if your studies will require you to stay for more than a year then you need to apply for a residence permit as soon as you can after entering Malta. The residence permit can be renewed for as long as you will be studying in Malta.