Land your dream job with a BA in Graphic Design & Animation

Land your dream job with a BA in Graphic Design & Animation

Pursuing a BA in Graphic Design & Animation is the perfect choice for those who are artistically inclined and wish to work in a field that encourages creativity and expression. But did you know that the graphic design and animation field is actually very versatile due to the fact that there are different specializations within the field that open doors to more career opportunities than you can imagine? 

In this article, we will be talking about the various types of jobs that you can land with a BA in Graphic Design & Animation.

Career paths you can follow with a BA in Graphic Design & Animation 

  • Brand Identity Designer
    Identity design is a specialization in graphic design that focuses on the aesthetic of a company's visual presence. Brand identity designers create color palettes, make decisions on what type of images a company will use, determine the type of typography, and also create the visual elements that accompany the entire look.

    The key responsibility of a brand identity designer is to craft the visual identity of the companies they are employed by or work for. This means that they are most generally held liable for creating brand style and usage guidelines that will direct the work for other designers. This includes marketing designers and web designers.

    Brand identity designers often work on things that include the following:
    • Brand strategy 
    • Color palettes 
    • Business cards and stationery 
    • Brand guidelines 
    • Logo design 
    • Typography
  • Packaging Designer
    Numerous physical products require packaging. The day-to-day products that we use such as cereal boxes, take-out boxes, tags on clothing, bottled water, etc each have one thing in common and that is someone was responsible for the design of the packaging. This is where packaging designers feature.

    Packaging designers are required to have a very strong brat when it comes to branding and consumer behavioral psychology. This is how they come up with packages that entice customers to purchase the product.

    Being well-versed in color theory typography, as well as the numerous laws or regulations about information that must be on packaging such as nutritional information is a plus in this field.

  • Print and Publication Designer
    As mentioned before, the field of graphic design and animation is quite broad and opens doors to a variety of opportunities in numerous fields. Such one uncommon career choice for graphic designers is print and publication design.

    Print and publication designers need to be well-versed in the principles of good design as well as all the technical specifications of creating print-ready files. Other responsibilities include having a very good understanding of color theory and typography also the types of images that best suit print compared to digital environments.

    The key responsibilities of Print and Publication Designers include:
    • Book covers 
    • Menu design 
    • Merchandise and apparel 
    • Stationery 
    • Album covers 
    • Brochures and flyers
  • Graphic illustrator
    Graphic design is often associated with illustration but since 2022 graphic illustrators have become high in demand due to numerous brands seeking out custom illustration work in the name of optimizing their online presence.

    Graphic illustrators are often responsible for creating illustrations for commercial and editorial purposes; these are also known as illustrations that go on web design and social media.

    Graphic illustrators create their illustrations digitally but others may choose to use analog tools and thereafter digitize their images. This is where the animation aspect of your BA in Graphic Design & Animation comes in handy.

    The key responsibilities of Graphic illustrators include: 
    • Blog posts and articles 
    • Games 
    • Apparel 
    • Books and magazines 
    • Digital products 
  • Web and User Interface Designer
    Web and user interface designers are responsible for creating websites and apps. The role of a web and interface designer requires a vast knowledge of design principles and a deep understanding of user experience design as well as basic coding principles.

    All the web and user interface designers do not partake in encoding their understanding as well as their capabilities and limitations of the code that powers websites and apps making them an important and valuable part of any design team.

    Graphic designers who specialize in web design and user interfaces are often found working on projects that include landing pages, marketing websites, app designs, game interfaces, and WordPress sites.

Final thoughts 

A BA in Graphic Design & Animation is a great academic qualification for students who wish to work in a creative and innovative field that opens doors to a variety of career options. The world of graphic design has many job opportunities. Visit the AUM website to get more information on our BA in Graphic Design and Animation program. Also, it is advised that students attend career expos to get a deeper understanding of their academic path and where it leads to. AUM offers these expos to all our students.