Land your dream job with a BSc in Accounting

Land your dream job with a BSc in Accounting

Pursuing a qualification in accounting is ideal if you love numbers and analytics and are money savvy. A BSc in Accounting can lead to career opportunities in traditional accounting and auditor positions. Some positions you can find yourself working in with this qualification include financial advisor, executive, or forensic accountant. 

This article will discuss the different career options that BSc in Accounting can lead you to. We will examine the roles fulfilled in these positions and the estimated salary.

Jobs you can land with a BSc in Accounting 

Below is a list of top-earning jobs that require a BSc in Accounting or a qualification in a closely related field.

BSc in Business Administration Careers you can pursue

A business administration degree opens doors to jobs in the marketing human resources accounting and management sectors. Below are options for jobs, you can qualify for with your BSc in business administration.

  • Preparing budget reports.Accountant

    Becoming an accountant with this qualification is a favorite and usually the go-to career choice.

    There are different types of accounting. In simple terms, an accountant is solely responsible for keeping and interpreting financial records. Depending on which direction you want to go, you may choose between corporate accounting, public accounting, government accounting, and forensic accounting.

    The responsibilities of an accountant include

    • Verifying financial records for accuracy and compliance.
    • Preparing and submitting tax documents.
    • Consulting with organizational leaders about financial management strategies and so on.
    • The average annual salary in USD: $50,646
  • Forensic accountant

    The role of a forensic accountant is to analyze tax forms, financial statements, and other documents to expose fraudulent practices (if there are any). 

    The responsibilities of a forensic accountant include:

    • Examining documents for any act of discrepancy or omissions that indicate the possibility of fraudulent activity.
    • Forensic accountants also use specialized software platforms to analyze data, so they remain current on accounting laws and related criminal activities when examining these documents.
    • The average annual salary in USD: $65,590.
  • Financial analyst

    The crucial role of a financial analyst is to evaluate stocks and other investments. There are two types of financial analysts: buy-side and sell-side; buy-side analysts are responsible for making portfolio recommendations to organizations based on market performance, whereas sell-side analysts work with service agents selling investments. 

    The responsibilities of a financial analyst include:  

    • Studying current and historical market trends.
    • Making the fuel recommendation based on the client's needs and Investment performance.
    • Consulting with organizational leaders to discuss financial needs.
    • The average annual salary in USD: $85,660
  • Budget analyst

    The crucial role of a budget analyst is to compile and submit reports that reflect the organization's financial needs and spending habits. They are also responsible for analyzing budget proposals to ensure they are accurate and compliant. 

    The responsibilities of a budget analyst include: 

    • Preparing budget reports.
    • Monitoring and evaluating budget proposals.
    • Discussing funding availability with executives and managers.
    • The average annual salary in USD: $76,220.
  • Personal Financial Advisor

    The crucial role of a personal financial advisor is to consult with clients about money-related matters, which often include Investments, mortgage payments, retirement, estate planning, and college savings.

    The responsibilities of a Personal Financial Advisor include: 

    • Explaining complex financial matters.
    • Tracking accounts to remain current on standings.
    • Recommend or select investments for clients.
    • The average annual salary in USD: $88,890.

Final thoughts

The accounting field has vast employment opportunities, especially for someone with a BSc in Accounting. Students should attend career expos to learn more and make sound decisions regarding the career choices they would like to pursue after graduation. AUM offers students the opportunity to participate in these expos.