Land your dream job with a BSc in Business Finance

Land your dream job with a BSc in Business Finance

Money makes the world go round and is the most wanted and needed resource in existence. A career in the finance field can secure you a very high-paying job in any sector. So if you are studying towards a BSc in Business Finance you are in for quite a ride. 

What does a finance professional do?

Finance professionals act as the backbone for businesses and even nonprofit organizations. It is their duty to ensure that these organizations operate in an ethical and smooth manner they even ate in ensuring that individuals reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

Without a finance professional businesses and nonprofits are at a higher risk of sinking within the first year because it takes a financial professional to know exactly how money should be spent, invested, and secured in order for a business to flourish and escape the risk of bankruptcy.

In this article, we will be focusing on the different careers or jobs that you can secure and working with a BSc in Business Finance. We will also look at the salary packages that come with each profession that way you can compare. 

What professions can you get into with a BSc in Business Finance

The professional pool for a Business Finance graduate is vast, you can work in numerous sectors. Below is a list of careers you can get into. 

  1. Impact Investing Analyst
    Impact investing analysts are loosely focused on socially responsible investing. This is a method of investing in which investors are careful as to which companies and projects they place funds in as a way of ensuring that they support their values and principles.

    The role of an analyst in all of this is to help companies that practice and focus on responsible investing or are in the impact investing arm of traditional financial organizations such as banks or mutual funds.

    The average salary for an Impact investing analyst in USD is $69,350

  2. Financial analyst
    Financial analysts play a pivotal role in helping investors make wise financial decisions. They operate in many different sectors like; media, biotech, and information technology. Although, they are mainly active in large investment organizations such as banks or for large & small businesses that are looking for good investment opportunities. The foundation of a financial analyst's job is to study market trends and competitive movements, with all of the information gathered they create models that help predict the sales or outcomes of business decisions.

    A career as a financial analyst is one that gives you versatility and opens doors for you in new and developing industries. This means that there are plenty of job opportunities in this field.

    The average salary for an Investment analyst in USD is $72,303

  3. Grants analyst
    This career option is perfect for those who want to create change in the world because a grant analyst's main focus is to help nonprofits keep track of their finances. They do this by providing budgets helping in ensuring compliance and also by identifying trends that help in decision-making.

    In order to make an impact in this field, one needs to be well versed in nonprofit accounting practices because nonprofits are very different from businesses when it comes to legalities.

    The average salary for a Grants analyst in USD is $55,789

  4. Accountant/Auditor
    Accountants and auditors are responsible for keeping organizations on the right side of the road in regard to their finances. Their duties include the preparation of financial statements or filing taxes. Accountants and auditors will mainly work in-house within a company or organization they may work at or at an accounting firm.

    The average salary for an Accountant/Auditor in USD is $58,601

  5. Commercial Banker
    Commence commercial bankers play a pivotal role in The Communities they serve they are The Gatekeepers and overseas of financial products such as bank loans or mortgages. Commercial bankers are all responsible for the economic health of local areas. This profession requires you to have good people skills because you work to serve the community and you will be dealing with customers and helping them assess their financial situations before offering them financial products.

    The average salary for a Commercial banker in USD is $63,996

Final thoughts

A career in finance is one that allows you to work with people and contribute greatly to the community and the global economy. Learn more about the BSc in Business Finance degree on the AUM programs site.