Land your dream job with a BSc in Game Development

Land your dream job with a BSc in Game Development

The idea of gaming is not usually connected to a serious career move. When most people look at video games like Warcraft and Need for Speed, they do not consider the amount of work that goes into them.

If you are a gamer whose passion goes beyond just playing games and desire to enter the game development industry, then a BSc in game development is a degree that you should consider. This degree opens doors into the gaming field, where you can learn a lot of skills that will typically propel you into the position of one of the best game developers around.

This article will look at the different jobs you can find with a BSc in game development. Along with the skills required, programs, and specializations that come with pursuing a degree and career in gaming development.

What skills will you need to be a game developer?

  • An understanding of programming language, development concepts, and design theories.
  • An understanding of the fundamental instructions in programming, software development, and game development.
  • Vast knowledge of visual design and user interface.
  • An understanding of the computing of the technology behind game design and simulation.
  • Proficiency with gaming platforms and various technologies.

When it comes to a game development degree, one can get into many specializations and programs. Below is a list of programs and disciplines you can look into to make your decision easier.

Game development Programs 

  • Programming languages
  • Game design principles
  • 3D animation and drawing
  • Fundamentals of computer design
  • Game concept development
  • Design and development analysis
  • Object-oriented design
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Introduction to graphic design
  • Game simulation and programming

Game development degree specializations 

  • Programmer
    Specializing in programming will equip you with the knowledge of programming languages as well as scripting languages, among others.

  • Mobile game design
    In mobile game design, you will get to explore the production processes that go into creating mobile gaming platforms. These include level design, character sketches, narrative development, development frameworks, and many more.

  • Game art
    Game art mainly focuses on interactive graphics development's crucial or critical aspect. These include character creation, animation, in-game effects, environment, prop design, and the game production channel.

  • Animation
    This specialization is an opportunity for students to interact with numerous types of animation.  These include 2D or 3D, stop-motion, hand-drawn, and computer-generated animation.

Career options to pursue with a BSc in Game Development 

  • Multimedia Programmer
    The critical function of a multimedia programmer is to design and create multimedia computer products that combine text with; images, sound graphics, video clips, animations, virtual reality, and other forms of media. Another key responsibility is the fulfillment of the development of products that will be used on various platforms. These include computer games, mobile phones, DVDs, and online channels.

  • Computer Systems Analyst
    Computer systems analysts focus on assessing an organization's computer system, its procedures, and the design of information systems ensuring that the organization runs smoothly, efficiently, and successfully. They install new technology into ones that are already existing. This is done by conducting a precise cost-benefit analysis to help determine the entity's viability.

  • Graphic Designer
    A career as a graphic designer can land you in multiple sectors. Graphic designers' key responsibilities are usually to create logos, website layouts, printed pages, and other images;  merging technology and art to bring ideas about particular brands to life. Graphic designers also give clients recommendations or advice on how they can form relationships with their target audience by using visual marketing or advertising techniques and campaigns. 

  • Software Developer
    A software developer's key responsibilities are creating applications or systems that run on computers or other electronic devices. They also design, write, and test code for new applications and software to ensure they work effectively and efficiently before being launched. 

  • Game Designer
    This career is perfect for those who have dreamt of designing and creating their own game. Game designers create and bring video games to life. They come up with fresh and new ideas, building prototypes, creating interactive narration, and developing the game's mechanics. They develop games for numerous platforms, including virtual and augmented reality.

Final thoughts

AUM offers excellent programs, expos, and events that teach and encourage students. It is advised that students attend career expos to know more about their courses and where they could lead them. Check out our BSc in Game Development program