Land your Dream Job with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering

Land your Dream Job with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering

The Engineering field is very vast and in it are multiple opportunities and career paths one can follow. Most of the specializations in engineering lead to diverse fields where job opportunities are plenty and students are guaranteed employment upon the completion of their studies.

Mechanical engineering is one such field with diverse opportunities and room for growth. Mechanical engineering is a field in which you can find aviation, agriculture, power generation, product design, and many more programs to choose from.

Students studying towards a BSc in Mechanical Engineering have higher chances of finding employment in a field that they can easily be passionate about. The more choices you have the more likely you are to find yourself choosing something you truly like. Mechanical engineering gives students and graduates the privilege and power of choice.

In this article, we will be focusing on the different career paths and opportunities that an MSc in mechanical engineering student or graduate can consider.

BSc in Mechanical Engineering career opportunities

  • Aerospace Engineer
    Ever wonder who is responsible for the creation of the transportation phenomenon that is the airplane? Well, Aerospace engineers are the people responsible for the development of new technologies and the designs of space crafts such as; shuttles and rockets. They work either in the field of aeronautical or astronautical engineering. Aerospace engineers are able to work in either one or a variety of Engineering disciplines including aerodynamics, jet propulsion, material science, and manufacturing.

  • Biochemical Engineer
    Biochemical engineering combines both the fields of biology and engineering. It works for the advancement of human medicine and Healthcare. As a Biochemical Engineer, you can develop artificial organs, create advanced prosthetic limbs, develop life-saving medical drugs or alter genetics and cells for medical purposes. Bet that sounds like Frankenstein's monster, doesn't it?

  • Marine Engineer
    If you have a love for marine life then this is the job for you. Marine engineers specialized in designing, developing, installing, building, or maintaining part of sea-faring vessels. Marine engineers often work on a variety of ships from ocean liners to warships, submarines, or cargo ships; they often work with important parts such as propulsion systems engines pumps, or hulls. 

  • 3D Printing Engineer
    3D printing is an invention that has brought us the ability to print anything from cars to buildings in 3D form, from a digital model where you can see the complete structure as it would be if it were built from the ground up but in miniature form. 3D printing plays an important role in the field of medicine, architecture, manufacturing, and art. Operating these machines requires a person who specializes in design and engineering, which is what a 3D Printing Engineer is best known for. They bring your ideas to life in 3D format.

  • Robotics Engineer
    Let's be honest, robots have been a part of pop culture for a very long time, appearing in movies as aliens from another planet or as conspiring world-dominating creations. In reality, robots are being used for a number of things as the world moves in a more digital direction. Yes, the robots are among us!

Robots and automated machines that are controlled by new technologies such as artificial intelligence are being used in numerous fields such as car manufacturing, factory work, and so on. 

The role of robotics engineers is quite challenging as they are tasked with designing, developing, building, and improving these advanced machines. As the robotic field continues to grow and expand the demand for Robotics Engineers is also increasing. This means that if you go into the Field of robotics engineering you are very much likely to get employment in no time.

Final thoughts

The world of mechanical engineering is one full of wonder and excitement from robotics to aircraft. Would you want to work in such an exciting field? Find out more about BSc in Mechanical Engineering on the AUM website.