Land Your Dream Job with an MSc in Computer Science

Land Your Dream Job with an MSc in Computer Science

A career in computer science places you in the IT sector which at the moment is a fast-growing industry. Studying for an MSc in computer science gives you a great advantage in securing a well-paying job in the IT field.

What you need to know about the Computer Science field

Computer science is a field that is fast evolving with an estimated accelerated average growth of double the speed compared to any other occupation. The bureau of labor statistics has predicted that by the year 2028 nearly 550,000 new positions will be open for trained professionals.

The industry owes its accelerated growth to the fast-changing and continually evolving technology landscape, not to mention the fact that since the world is turning digital there is now an even higher demand for skilled workers with exceptional and adaptable expertise. Unfortunately, this fast-paced growth and gap in employment is not entirely a good thing, as there is a major shortage of qualified people to fill the gap. It was estimated that in the year 2020 approximately 1.4 million computer science vacancies were left unfilled. 

Besides the lack of qualified people to fill the vacancies, there is also a preference for graduates who specialize in certain niches based on the industry or sector they will be working in. Such levels of qualification are not easily reachable if you have only obtained a bachelor's degree. This is where the need to upskill to an MSc qualification comes in. 

In this article, we will be looking at the most sought-after MSc in Computer Science careers for graduates. 

Popular MSc in Computer Science Careers

  1. Computer and Information Research Scientist
    In this field, you will be responsible for generating and designing innovative ways for computing technology and seeking out innovative uses for already existing technologies. As a Computer and Information research scientist your job will be focused on solving and studying complex problems working with algorithms and designing new computer architecture. You will most likely work in the business, medicine, and science sectors.

    The average salary for a Computer and Information Research Scientist in USD is $126,830

  2. Computer Network Architect
    Computer Network Architects are responsible for building data communication networks that include; local area networks, wide area networks, and intranets. Some computer network architects find themselves working on smaller networks which are usually between two officers while others work with next-gen capabilities that include cloud infrastructure that serves a large number of customers.

    The average salary for a Computer Network Architect in USD is $116,780

  3. Database Administrator
    As a database administrator, your key responsibility will be using software to organize and store data such as advertising and sales metrics. In addition, you will be responsible for securing the data collected and making it available to all authorized users. Database administrators are also tasked with monitoring the performance of databases and conducting performance tuning support for ensuring that data analysts and other employees can have easy access to the information they need.

    The average salary for Database Administrators in USD is $98,860

  4. Network and Computer Systems Administrator
    Network and computer systems administrators are responsible for the day-to-day operations that keep businesses running. Some of the key responsibilities are to set up networks and computer systems, the installation of network hardware, the collection of data to optimize network or system performance and assign security permissions.

    The average salary for Network and Computer Systems Administrators in USD is $84,810

  5. Web Developer
    Web development is a field that has infiltrated multiple sectors including marketing and advertising. Web developers are responsible for designing and creating websites while also ensuring that the site's performance and capacity are optimized. The key responsibilities of a web developer often include writing code and collaborating with team members to develop the aesthetic of the content and also monitor traffic on the website. In some cases, developers can handle every aspect of the construction of a website well; others will most likely specialize in either back or front-end development.

    The average salary for  Web Developers in USD is $77,200

Final thoughts

Check out the AUM website for information on the requirements to qualify for an MSc in computer science and kickstart your career with a quality education.