Land your dream job with an MSc in Cyber Security

Land your dream job with an MSc in Cyber Security

We live in a world that is slowly morphing into a digitally controlled place. With the fourth Industrial Revolution underway it only makes sense that careers in the cyber world are becoming a thing of the present. Now, with an MSc in cybersecurity, you stand a chance to unlock excellent employment opportunities for yourself.

An MSc in cybersecurity graduates has higher employment advantages because of the recorded shortage on a global scale of cybersecurity professionals. A study conducted in 2017 has indicated that by the end of  2022 there will be opportunities for nearly two million jobs to be occupied.

The digitization of numerous Industries has led to companies and organizations being vulnerable to Cyber attacks which are referred to as cybercrimes; a study conducted in the year 2018 has revealed that 43% of businesses have been victims of cybercrime in 2017 most of these businesses did not realize this until 6 months later.

If you are interested in acquiring an MSc in cyber security or are already studying toward it but don't have much knowledge as to which career path works for you, fear not. Because in this article we will be focusing on the different careers you can get into with your qualification and how much you can earn in USD.

Different careers with MSc in Cyber Security

  1. Computer Information Systems Manager
    A computer information systems manager plays a very important role in the IT department. The key responsibility is to ensure that the company's network runs at a high level of efficiency. Computer information systems managers are often employed in the government, the private, or the nonprofit sector, and those with the highest salary intake work in biotech and insurance.

    The average salary for a Computer Information Systems Manager in USD is $146,360

  2. Cyber Security Architect
    A job as a cyber security architect places you in the computer network architect circle. Cyber security architects create and maintain a company’s computer system; they also often manage other employees. In this job position, you may be required to have substantial knowledge about hacking and also be able to fight and anticipate criminal cyber intrusions. 

    The average salary for Cyber Security Architect in USD is $112,690

  3. Chief Information Security Officer
    This job position is of an executive level which means that Chief information security officers are responsible for overseeing all the security policies for the entire company. You will need excellent analytical and risk management skills to look into and remove threats to the organization's system. You need to be highly knowledgeable in data privacy and the relevant laws surrounding it. Financial training is also essential because you will be placed in charge of ensuring that project funding is secure.

    The average salary for a Chief Information Security Officer in USD is $162,129

  4. Information Security Analyst
    This job position requires you to monitor a company's security and oversee encryption and firewall functions. As an information security analyst, it is your responsibility to be up-to-date on the latest security trends. You need expertise in penetration testing which is the process of finding a weakness in the company's system before an enemy does.

    The average salary for an Information Security Analyst in USD is $99,730

Final thoughts

It is crucial that as a student you attend career guidance expos with AUM offers its students in order to aid in finding the correct career path for yourself and looking into different career prospects that align with your chosen course.