Land your dream job with an MSc in Engineering Management

Land your dream job with an MSc in Engineering Management

So you are an MSc in Engineering Management graduate, you finally have your qualification, and all the years of studying,  sleepless nights, examinations, assignments, and tests have finally paid off. The anxiety of your impending future looms over you as you now have to go out into the world and establish yourself in the career your qualification grants you. Even though there is visible excitement that accompanies this anxiety about the future there is also one question that you need to answer: where to from here?

Studying towards a certain qualification is always followed by the expectation of getting a good well-paying job within your field of study. Many students are faced with the tough and challenging decision of having to choose exactly which career they feel works for them within their field of study.

In this article, we will be focusing on the different career paths you can follow with an MSc in Engineering Management.

Popular MSc in Engineering Management Careers

  1. Project Manager

    A project manager has the important role of planning, outsourcing, and implementing projects in all stages. Project managers do not partake in the process of the ongoing project, their duty is to maintain progress and fluid communication and interaction amongst workers which in turn ensures the minimal failure of the ongoing project by risk analysis and the Promotion of maximum profit and minimum loss

    A project manager's average salary in USD is $73,487

  2. Operations Manager

    Operations managers' main concern is the management of designing and controlling the production process and redesigning business operations in the production of goods or services. Their key responsibilities are to ensure a good and efficient working business in regard to resources and customer expectations and requirements. The processes undertaken in an operation are one of the most pivotal functions within an organization; they go hand in hand with supply chains, marketing finance, and human resources. Operations require hands-on management that involves both the strategic and day-to-day production of goods and services.

    The average salary for an Operations Manager in USD is $92,484

  3. Application Engineer
    An application engineer job entails the improvement of clients' software programs and Systems. These amplifications often include new software structures, hardware components,  or the maximizing of current software programs. Most application engineers work for application development companies or organizations that work with a multitude of clients from a multitude of Industries. 

    The average salary for an Application Engineer in USD is $86,233

  4. Engineering Project Manager
    An engineering project manager mostly works within engineering systems and equipment. Engineering project managers work alongside project engineers to ensure that teams accomplish different engineering projects successfully. Although project engineers call the shots on what goes on with a project, it's engineering project managers who actually oversee the entire project or long-term operations which include cost estimation, personnel assignment, and direct communication with clients in regard to what they expect or give them updates on the project.

    The average salary for an Engineering Project Manager in USD is $99,339

  5. Technical Manager 
    Technical managers are individuals who are highly skilled in the technical and managerial aspects of their work. They are responsible for the execution of tasks in relation to company systems, which include; troubleshooting any and all technical issues and overseeing the implementation of different systems by following the necessary process steps.

    The average salary for a Technical Manager in USD is $98,672

Final thoughts

Choosing a career can be just as hard as choosing which course to take. Both require a true knowledge of self and must align with what you want for yourself in the future. It is advised that all students and prospective students should attend career guidance expos so that they get first-hand experience of their chosen field.