Student Housing In Malta

Student Housing In Malta

The excitement of going to an institution of higher learning can be pretty consuming. From having to choose your desired program to find out about all the fantastic career prospects that await you, it's easy to forget other important aspects and crucial decisions that go hand-in-hand with choosing the perfect institution.

The second most important choice is ensuring that you have proper student accommodation. This is especially crucial if the institution you are going to cannot offer you on-campus accommodation. This can occur due to many reasons, from not qualifying to residences being fully occupied or under renovation. 

Whatever the reason for you not having on-campus accommodation, it is essential to have a backup in case of emergencies. This is an important factor, even if you have applied for res.  

In this article, we will be looking at student accommodation options in Malta

Malta is the perfect long-distance study destination for students. The island is very welcoming and easily adaptable for international students who come to study there. Malta is beautiful and unique, though finding suitable accommodation can be a tedious task.

Ways to ensure you secure your student accommodation in Malta

  • Plan ahead
    There is an old saying, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." In simple terms, the best way to ensure that you secure accommodation is to plan and start your search early to get first pick and preference on the best student accommodation available in Malta.

    The first step in searching for student accommodation is budget consideration and knowing what type of accommodation you are looking for. Malta has various accommodation options available, from shared apartments to private rooms in student residences.

    Once you have a clear vision of the kind of place you're looking for, you can start your search online, or you can contact landlords with places up for rent. 

  • Look into local sublets
    Living on a student budget can limit your options when it comes to rentals. If you find yourself having difficulty finding a suitable place to rent and then you should consider looking into local sublets. Subletting is when a student already renting an apartment or room agrees to let you move in with them for a certain period. It is perfect for when your classes have already started, and you urgently need a place to stay while you look for a more permanent option.

  • Consider a roommate or flatmate
    Everybody would agree that the best way to save money for accommodation is by having somebody to split the rent with. In this case, it would be best if you find yourself a roommate or a flatmate who will help in reducing living expenses and also make it easier to meet new people. A safe way to do this is by using the several websites and apps that are available to help you find your potential roommate.

  • Make sure you know what bills will cost you
    One thing you should know about renting out of place is that utility bills are not included with the rent. Save yourself the stress of unaccounted-for bills by asking your landlord about all the additional costs so that you can have a suitable budget.

    A great way to ensure that you have correct information throughout the year about utility bills is to note the fact that prices may vary depending on the time of year. For instance, during colder seasons, you are most likely to use more heat than often which can lead to a spike in the electricity bill, and during exam time, you may find yourself using more Internet than usual.

    To know exactly how much you will need to budget for all the extra expenses that come with looking for student accommodation in Malta, ask your landlord for the approximate cost of everything.

  • Choose a proper location
    Finding appropriate student accommodation isn't only about having a place to sleep, it's also about having a place close to your campus. The whole point of student accommodation is to house you as you continue your studies. Make sure you choose a place that will be suitable for you to commute to and from campus easily. Living closer to campus will help ensure that you are never late for classes.

The cost of student housing in Malta

The cost of student housing varies based on whether or not you are sharing, the location, whether it's furnished or unfurnished, and the size. According to a database from one of the most used websites for student accommodation, nestpick, rent prices in Malta for student residences and apartments can range between 612€ and 1000€.

Websites to visit when searching for student accommodation in Malta

The best and most convenient way to search for student accommodation in Malta is through the internet. This is a list of student accommodation websites you can use to help you find the ideal accommodation you may be looking for. Add to help compare prices to find accommodation that suits your budget.

  • Nestpick
  • AmberStudent
  • Spotahome
  • UniAcco
  • Homelike
  • Uniplaces
  • Roomi
  • Housing Anywhere
  • Study Abroad Apartments