Student Life at AUM

Student Life at AUM

The pursuit of a higher education opens doors to a chapter in your life that leads to growth, further knowledge of self, and a deeper understanding of what you want in life. The biggest driving force behind this journey of self-introspection and evolution is the environment that you may find yourself in based on the institution that you choose to enroll at.

Different institutions have different cultural practices and traditions that align with the vision and mission of the said institution. Students' experiences on campus along with the lessons they learn and the discoveries they make about themselves, their chosen career path, and the connections and relationships they make are highly dependent on the lifestyle they live as they journey within the institution they are enrolled in.

In this article, we will be looking at and talking about what life is like for students at AUM.

Before we get into this it is best that you know what AUM is. AUM stands for the American University of Malta; it is an American-style and European-accredited institution of higher learning based on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta. The institution offers a variety of graduate and undergraduate programs.

Campus Life

Campus life and AUM are filled with an atmosphere of friendliness, cultural diversity, hunger, and a thirst for knowledge as well as a tight-knit community. Both students and faculty members share a vision of growth and a desire to succeed. This creates a beautiful relationship between professors and students whereby communication is clear and open when students need or require help in their studies. The campus has multiple educational amenities, the gem of it all being the library. Not to mention the architecture has notable features such as a terrace that gives students and faculty members access to beautiful views of the island and the sea that encircles it.

Student Extracurricular Activities

Students at AUM enjoy clubs and activities as part of their extracurricular activities. The university organizes fun and adventurous events for students which lead to exploring the Maltese Islands as well as creating new opportunities for students to establish friendships and connections outside their studies. 

Some of these activities include beach outings, Island exploring, and many more. These fun activities teach students about the rich culture and heritage of the Maltese nation. Democracy is also well practiced at AUM as students have an annual election for the selection of the Student Union which plays a pivotal role in planning and organizing on-site and off-site activities, events, services, networking events, personal development opportunities, and collaborations with other student unions both locally and abroad.

Clubs and Organizations

Life doesn't get any more fun than this! Students at AUM have access to clubs and organizations that complement academic, civic social, cultural, and religious courses and recreational clubs created just for fun and enjoyment. These clubs encourage students to make new connections and grow their network with people with whom they share similar interests. Skills such as leadership, organization, teamwork, and event planning are also major takeaways from being a part of these clubs.

Clubs available for membership include:

  • Esports Club
  • Business Club 
  • Cookery Club 
  • Cricket Club 
  • Debating Club 
  • Football Club 
  • Sailing Club 
  • Swimming Club 
  • Horseback Riding Club 
  • Martial Arts Club

Students are also encouraged to start their own clubs where they see fit. This gives way to the accommodation of the many different interests that students have and gives everyone an equal platform and chance to explore their interests and passions with people who share the same sentiments.

Final thoughts

Life at AUM is inclusive, culturally diverse progressive, and passionate. Students are given equal opportunities and the same amount of investment and time in their interests as well as the parts they choose to walk based on their programs.